The Crown Jewels Affair

The Crown Jewels AffairThe untold story of a turning point in world history and one of World War II’s most secret and shocking operations. This secret mission took place at The Grand Palace Hotel and Casino in Mondorf, Luxembourg. What happened at the Palace Hotel in the weeks and months after the defeat of Germany left an enduring imprint on America’s Foreign Policy and intelligence operations that are just now being revealed in this startling documentary film expose produced by Bova Films.”

The sinister intrigues which occurred behind closed doors at the Palace have divided friend from friend, nation from nation, and fractured cooperation between American and international intelligence agencies for more than half a century. And its profoundly disturbing legacy continues to this day.

At the end of the war in Europe the most notorious Nazi villains, the men who were the key conspirators and criminal misanthropes who launched Europe into a holocaust, had vanished.

To this day, few are aware that many of these characters were actually enabled along their road to power with American financial and logistical support prior to World War II.

And even fewer people know that a select group among these individuals, code-named The Crown Jewels, were to become the priceless instruments of American political and financial power brokers in a post-war world of uncertain and terrifying dimensions. It is the tale of a combined secret mission of American Counter-intelligence, the Office of Strategic Services, and British Special Operations Executives that focused on the Soviet threat above all else.  And it’s a secret saga of the making of bargains with devils named Hermann Goering, Kurt Daluege, Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Albert Speer, Walter Funk, Nicolas von Horty, Karl Wolff, Hjalmar Schacht, and others.

THE CROWN JEWELS AFFAIR is the account of men hunting for the holy grail of American security, the history of their secret protocols, enigmas, conflicting missions, and astounding decisions.  It recounts the immense moral and political complexity that leads America’s own Nuremberg prosecutors to defend Nazi war criminals and delay the release of local nationals from concentration camps in order to protect the Palace’s top-secret mission.  And, thereafter, begins the transfer of American foreign policy into the hands of forces that would remold approaches to foreign policy and justice in the light of both real and imagined international threats to the US and Western security for many decades to come.


A feature-length documentary film produced by BOVA FILMS in cooperation with European and American studios.