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Our Vision

With deep roots in medieval and Renaissance Hesperia, the land to the west that the Greeks knew as Italy and the Romans as Spain, Bova Films production company is founded to originate, develop, and finance creatively driven and innovative motion picture and documentary projects that illuminate the human condition, respond to its necessity, and preserve the unity of the spiritual, social, and natural environment.

The Productions Team

Bova Films works with a dynamic, project specific A-Team of international cinema, television, broadcast, Internet and music professionals with diverse and unique backgrounds and experience that covers the entire range of filmmaking from scripting and production design to the final cut, music, promotion and distribution. They have worked on numerous Academy Award and Emmy winning productions ranging from documentaries to major block busters and have designed and managed transnational, award winning media campaigns. 

Our Story

Our productions have been  helmed by people who have studied under the best eyes in the business — McKee, Forman, Coppola, Strasberg, Graham, etc. — and have trained in the finest institutions such as Columbia, Juilliard, the London Institute, and the School of Visual Arts. Several have been individually recognized both in the United States and Europe for their work and contributions to the theater arts. Backing up this team is a group of disciplined finance and production managers from a school that knows where the dime stops.

Our Story

Past film and music industry performance is not an assurance of future results. Investment return is not guaranteed and it is possible to lose all monies invested. You should consider a film’s objectives, and the risks, charges, and expenses before you invest.

Financial Opportunities

Financial participation in Bova Cinema projects is available to qualified investors. To get all the details you need about Bova Cinema’s groundbreaking documentary events, and other in-development or in- production ventures, contact us. 

Our Story


Owner | Author | Producer

As a writer, archaeologist and ethnographer, film and audio-visual maker, Robert J. Agro-Melina has trekked and explored some of the earth’s most isolated areas to record the lives and stories of people who give the world its sacred soul. From Asia to Arabia, from the Arctic to the Amazon, to rarely visited isles and archipelagos, he has searched these stories and believes the most important thing is people and their narrative, for he finds in all of them a moral guide . . . especially in children’s tales.