Quentin Crisp in "Notorious"


Quentin Crisp in “Notorious”


“An Evening with Quentin Crisp” was originally written by Aladar Zoltan Gollner and Quentin Crisp in 1976. It is performed by Quentin Crisp and is used by permission and agreement with Quentin Crisp in 1999 and by permission and agreement with the original producer and UK rights holder Aladar Zoltan Gollner 9-3-11. 

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QUENTIN CRISP, the celebrated British raconteur, and humorist has been likened to a Twentieth Century version of Mark Twain. A flamboyant performer, wit, and stylist with numerous film and literary credits, Mr. Crisp was a defining influence not only on many key people in the theater arts but on a multitude of us mere mortals. In 1999, at the age of 90, Mister Crisp passed away, leaving behind a large, loyal, and varied fan base. In 2005, BOVA FILMS acquired the rights and filmed footage of one of his last shows, and possibly the only film footage was ever taken of his One Man Show. This material has been painstakingly restored and edited by the BOVA team. This BOVA feature incorporates rare and priceless footage and reveals the wry wit, controversial observations, and often infuriating commentary which made Quentin Crisp a beloved and much-missed figure.

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